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A big SURPRISE before bed: HTC Legend Get Froyo Update (Malaysia)

As usual, I did a software updates checking before went to bed after knowing that Europe dudes receive Froyo update for Legend. I did send them (HTC Support) email to ask, twice, first time during my Legend purchase and the second after Europe Legend get Froyo update, guess what, they never sent me reply, not even with official "We actually working on it, however the release date still unknown yet" kind of stuff. what the... Back to story, I receive a big surprise when it pop up with this shining sentence,

Update: Android 2.2 and HTC sense Update 87.28 MB. Hold a breath, I cancel it, open it again and take a picture. ( Sorry for the awful quality image, use a 2mp mobile that come in handy)
What to do next, download Quadrant standard and get my current result.

Pop, I get 398 point, which almost bottom of the screen with Nexus one , Galaxy S 2.1 on above and Nexus one 2.2 at the top.
( waiting, waiting....)
Whats so nice about Froyo ? Well, basically you get these (from wikipe…