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Is Using Digital Grey Card Useful?

I'm not good in photography but I'm learning. I don't have a good sense of coloring and am always struggle in getting the right white balance setup. Sometime its getting too warm and sometime it getting too cold.  I need a tool to help me and I come across a tool call digital grey card.

There were a lot of argument and debate about 18% grey card that it is use for exposure but not for white balance. But its doesn't matter for me since hey both provide similar result ( according to my research) and I'm not enthusiast nor professional that need 100% natural color. I just want it to look nicer.

I decide to get one.

I Just receive a Digital Grey Card which I purchased few days ago and I trying to use it now. I just have time to play around with it after hang out with my lovely colleague and friends.

Anyway, to prove that it is useful and I'm not wasting my money. I decide to test it before I "trust" it.

Here you go, the picture below is taking under fluo…

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