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Phone Scams Alerts!!! 03-27727359

TLDR;  A call pretended as bank (AEON) representative called me saying that my credit card was abused and then ask me to call BNM through 03-27727359. It is a scam. Please call the bank yourself, google and ask your friend before doing anything.
The Story This morning I received a call from AEON transaction department via 03-27199999 which is the official Aeon Credit Service Number. The customer service agent, Joanne Lee requested me to verified a RM 4999 transaction from KLIA Machines. Being a tech-guy myself I know its a MAC Book Air 13' with 1.6GHz Processor 256 GB Storage. Of course I denied that transaction as it didn't happen.
 She acted surprise and double check the card info with me. She informed me that the card (4563-0602-2236-4579) was registered in AEON Ipoh Station 18 on 04-July-2016 using my name, IC and a Ipoh Jaya address. At this moment, it seems to be clear that someone has used my ID to register a credit card and spent it. 
I, of course asked for guidance and …