Phone Scams Alerts!!! 03-27727359

A call pretended as bank (AEON) representative called me saying that my credit card was abused and then ask me to call BNM through 03-27727359. It is a scam. Please call the bank yourself, google and ask your friend before doing anything.

The Story
This morning I received a call from AEON transaction department via 03-27199999 which is the official Aeon Credit Service Number. The customer service agent, Joanne Lee requested me to verified a RM 4999 transaction from KLIA Machines. Being a tech-guy myself I know its a MAC Book Air 13' with 1.6GHz Processor 256 GB Storage. Of course I denied that transaction as it didn't happen.

 She acted surprise and double check the card info with me. She informed me that the card (4563-0602-2236-4579) was registered in AEON Ipoh Station 18 on 04-July-2016 using my name, IC and a Ipoh Jaya address. At this moment, it seems to be clear that someone has used my ID to register a credit card and spent it. 

I, of course asked for guidance and advise from her. She said that she is going put all transactions on hold and will log a case to BNM. She also asked me to go Bank Negera Myself to log a fraud case, or I can call Bank Negara via 03-27727359  and report my case through the bahagian laporan. I recorded all the info that she gave me and hung up the phone. 

The truth
The next logical thing for me to do is to call the BNM to report a fraud case. However as a citizen in Bolehland, I normally do things with cautious. The motto "trust, but verified" kicked in. I wrote a note to verify the phone number she gave me. 

Search the phone number 03-27727359 return only 1 result from Sinchew daily suggested that this is a scam. 

Upon open the link I found out that the news just release today at 12.10, 2 hours before the scammer called me. The scenario look exactly the same as mine. Apparently this is a new way to scam and fortunate enough ( unfortunate?) I'm among their early targets. 

I also called AEON bank Credit Service and they have verified that I don't own a second card. They also shared with me that they started to received similar inquiries since few days ago and the card number that I shown above are non-existent. Their management has made aware of the current situation and will do the necessary actions as required. 
Finally, to report a fraud to Bank Negara the phone number is 1-300-88-5465. A quick search in google has reached to the right place -

The story has come to an end. As a retrospective, I realized that their whole setup involved both technological and psychological tricks:

  • Caller ID Spoofing - The call I received shown as 03-27199999 which is a official AEON Credit Service Phone Number. Of course, you know its fake by now. This is a technique to show call receiver a different number than the original caller. To know more about caller ID spoofing refer to
  • Human nature -Lazy - They know human now want to do thing fast, if we can pay a bill online we won't go to bank. So they started by saying walk in and report to BNM office to gain your trust. After that give you a phone number to set you up for the second part of the scam. 
  • Inception - Scam within another scam - They raise the attention by giving you a situation that you have been scam to drag your attention. This make you unconsciously treating them as the good guy, indirectly making you trust them and listen to them.

Post event
So what happened to the second part of the scam? 

I did actually call the phone number. The number lead me to a call system start with " Thank you for calling Bank Negara, for bahasa melayu, press 1, english press 2". 

A guy with clear voice pick up the call. I told him about the story as he seems to be very curious ( we call this acting don't know). He asked which bank that my card was abuse. I told him Aeon. He said in such case he need to record my name and phone number which they will call me back. I hung up the phone at this point as I don't want to give them my info although they already have my info. 

I could imagine once I leave my contact detail, they will categorized me as "confirmed water fish" category. Someone will then call me and set me up so that I would pay them for whatever "Pay us to verify your account detail is accurate" kind of scenario to finish the show.

Final thought
The whole setup is very well prepared, thought through. On one end, I'm impress with the whole setup on how thorough they plan the whole system. In the other hand, Its such a waste they use their talents in a wrong way. 
I almost got tricked albeit I'm very well aware of the potential technology, technique used and scams around us. I believe many will fall into it and eventually got scammed hence I'm writing my experience down to warn the public. 



  1. same case to me , just happened by today , unfortunately i call to bnm do report and let them know all my detail, after finish my report end call up, only think to search at google ,only realise that is the cheating phone call from aeon ipoh
    very very sad sad sad....

  2. received a message from 01151121501, say that i using AEON CC ENDING 2368at KLIA2 for RM4299, suprise call to center 0392126619, chinese guy pick up the phone, tell them the story , but he say only can help me stop the credit card using, cannnot deleted or cancel the card, ask me call to BNM ,he give me number 0327727359
    after worry , decided to call to BNM, one malay guy pick up the phone ,after that , few minute later got another inspector will call me again , that is betul betul call me after few minute, on that time , i feel something wrong ab that guy ask me find one place very silent to talk to him, he say need to do recorder, then i also just follow what he need to do, after that start do my report ,ask me all ab my detail included company working place, where u stay ,postition,bank account, which bank, address, credit card how many,which card bank, limit how much, other investment .....
    then tell ab what is pita magnetic , tell me that is very important coz all the detail are inside the pita magnetic, after that say need to take 5 to 7 day to do investigate

    all my P&C detail let them know already, what should i do now ??
    what can i do now ??

  3. I suggest u to report in police station immediately. Apart from that call your bank to cancel all the card as you dispose all infomation already( may be do this first to avoid they start spend money using your card)

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  5. Anonymous1:05 PM

    i had the same scenario with Cakegiyh. Exactly the same scenarios and had disclosed quite a handful of information to the "so-called" Bank Negara Malaysia. Luckily my money are still intact the next day (today) and i have quickly withdrawn them all out. I have also called to all Banks to have all my credit cards & ATM cards blocked and requested for new cards with different numbers. Please be alert and spread the news to the innocent being con by them !

  6. Anonymous1:22 PM

    I wish i had read this a few days earlier. This exact scam cost me a lost of RM30,000/-. I have made police report and i'm the 6th person lodging report on similar scam that day :(((((

  7. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Hello all, i also wish to contribute to share this scam trick i faced today. i do not have any AEON credit card FYKind refeence.

    a)received an sms - say AEON RM4299 was charged to my card ending 1169 at KLIA LAZO. pls call 0392121904.

    b) i call that number and a lady called Annie Leong. ask for my name, check and say i got transaction firstly on 3Jan,2017 -$3999. today got charge $4299 at KLIA LAZO. she pretend she do not know anything and say she
    will block the card no = 4523020652881169. i ask more details, what is the billing address and when this application is made. she say it is applied from Desa AEON Johor Bahru which makes me suspicious already as i live in KL, not JB. the billing address she provided is at Taman Sutera Utama, JB which i know for sure they have stolen my data.

    Her english is not so good for a customer servaice and she is rushing me to call the so called Bahagian Laporan BNM 0327884462. Ok , i say i will call that no to report.
    i did not provide any bank or ccard details to her.

    c) i play along and called that BNM number 0327884462, a guy pick up the call, ask for my name and contact no and say can i speak Malay or not, i reply, i can speak Malay and English. he say someone will called within 15minutes time. i say okay. they did not call back within half an hour.

    d)just to be sure, i did called AEON hotline and the guy did help me check i do not have any ccard records whatsoever with them.

    summary- they really want to trick us into giving details of our other bank or card details so they could do those illegal transfers/withdrawals. and also try to ask us to transfer our money to another bank account which is clear is not Bank Negara account, but the tricksters account.

    i hope the details above can help our fellow friends to avoid this scam trick from this unkind people. i have been tricked before in 2011, different methods. so hereby i only wish to help the best way i can thru this details. thanks.


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