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在 mid-term test之前:CEH。。。。mid sem 而已嘛。。。小case。。

在考mid-term test:哭哭~~~~不会做。。。

mid-term test后:yeah。。。潇潇洒洒。。。。

final exam前:没什么大不了的啦。。。

在知道final exam 时间表后:哇!)@×@&……@……@%%@%@……@&!×!!!

final exam前七天:睡先才说。。

final exam前六天:听听音乐再说。。还早。。。

final exam前五天:没有心情读书。。。。

final exam前四天啊~~!~~~!~不知道要做么。。没有心情啊。。。

final exam前三天:惨啦。。。惨了。。。还剩三日。。。

final exam前两天:要撞墙了。。。还没读完。。不会。。

final exam前一天:死定了。。。。。。。

final exam前一晚:ZZZzzzzzz.........

final exam前一小时:啊~~~~~!!!!!抓狂了!!

当final exam的时候。。:完蛋了。。。。。。。。。






LogMeIn Free is discontinued with Surprise - How to lost customers in one day

LogMeIn is a Remote Access Tool that let you Access, manage and support computers remotely.
I have been using LogMeIn Free version for years to occasionally access to my home machine or help friends to troubleshoot their windows problem.

Today I receive an update from LogMeIn with the following email:

Yes, you read it right. Today is 21 January and they are terminating their free option immediately. It is actually fine for me as I only occasionally using it and its not hard for me to make the decision  say no to the 49USD/year subscription and start looking for alternative like TeamViewer.

What need to highlighted is actually how bad ( yes, I mean bad) their marketing is and also how they treat their customers. The email basically say nothing but "Pay me or get off", if you search around the internet you will find comments like below or in their Community Page:

This is a shame. As I receive an email notification today announcing the end of the service today! It's hard to …

How to Remove Hao123 adware after install Qvod 2014 ( 如何在安装Qvod后移除hao123 )


Uncheck everything throug Qvod player by right click > Options (选项)> others (其他)> Uncheck Everything.

After installed Qvod 5 last week ( January 2014), all my browsers such as IE, Firefox and Chrome has been kidnaped by an adware hao123 is actually a website provided by baidu as a comprehensive website listing however it become very annoying especially it injected to your browser start page without your approval.

I didn't pay a lot of attention when I installed Qvod hence it installed "快玩" and other unwanted adwares to my pc. The first lesson:

ALWAYS pay attention to software that you are going to install. You will never know what additional application it will "recommend" to you.

I spend some time to remove all of them however the problem still persist - hao123 still showing all around.

For IE, it is pretty straight forward. I manage to restore it via default home page preference. Baidu were trying to modify again but was detected (by …

Investment - IOI Properties, (IOIPG, 5249) - Introspective Moment of Impulse Decision Making

Today I shouldn't get holding by the market trend and buy share blindly, aka follow my Impulse. This happened during IOI Properties (5249 ) IPO listing date where the price shoot up from listed price 2.51 -> 3.0 -> 3.2 -> 3.4 -> 3.6 within few minutes when the market open. 

I initially bid at RM2.86 but the pre-open market bidding make me feel that I'm too low for my price as majority of them bit > RM 3. The pace of the price increase went up after market open convinced me about that feeling and believe that the price will eventually push to higher price ( even to RM5) and hence during that time, my mind was only having the mind of " Buy ! Buy ! Buy !" before its too late. 

During that moment, NTA ( which 3.2 at the moment) , PE , DPS were totally out of my mind. I just don't want to lost the chance of being an early bird to buy the share. I decided to place my bet after the share slow down a little bit and by putting bit on 3.4, while it was 3.42 …

Canon PIXMA MG 3100 Series LCD Screen Error Codes and their solution

I have a Cannon Wireless MG3170 All-in-one printer and I use it on my "Memory On Cloud Project". The project is to scan all my childhood pictures ( before Digital Camera was even born) into cloud storage to share with all my siblings and relatives.

There is a scan Feature in MG3170 which allow you to quick scan a file into computer without operating through Computer. This is extremely helpful when you do them in bulk.

When I press it, it does nothing but shows green code with E31.

I know this might be due to some configuration issue and a little bit of research apparently this scan button only works in wired connection, aka usb connection. 
Below are all the others ERROR Code that I find them usefull when come in handy. Hence this blog.
Cause and Solution ( From :
E, 0, 2 The machine is out of paper./Paper does not feed.
E, 0, 3  Paper jam.
E, 0, 4  The FINE cartridge is not installed properly.
E, 0, 5  The F…

Maybank ATM Cardless Cash Withdrawal Service

What is Maybank Cardless ATM?

The idea is pretty simple, it allow  you to use Maybank2u to transfer money directly to anyone in Malaysia who has a Malaysia registered phone number. This is how it works:

How do you send cash to your recipients?Login to Maybank2uClick ‘Transfer', then ‘Cardless Withdrawal'Enter Recipient's mobile number, name and amount (minimum RM100)Enter TAC and click ‘Confirm'You'll receive a Withdrawal Code via SMS. Forward it to your Recipient
How should the recipients withdraw cash?Proceed to any Maybank ATM, press ‘Enter' key and select your preferred languageSelect ‘Cardless Withdrawal'Enter Transaction IDEnter Withdrawal Code forwarded to youRetrieve your cash.Note: The RM1 service charge will be waived until 28 February 2014.Click here for contest Terms and Conditions
As of now, I&#…

Flash Unifi Router DIR-615 G2 to DD-WRT to Avoid Security Vulnerability

Update: Uncheck the "remote access option" in your DIR-615 should fix it, bear in mind the LAN users still can access the password page.This guide is meant for DIR-615 Revision G2If you use Unifi IPTV, stop here, it won't work.To flash dd-wrt firmware download this file and follow this guide. Setup Unifi using this guide. DONE
Yesterday I read a rather shocking news ( at least for me) from How I hack 4 Unifi accounts in under 5 minutes that Unifi default router (D-Link DIR-615) are vulnerable to be hacked, No, its not even a hack. Its just say welcome to access and welcome to explore my setting by using bypass url below:
1. To access the password page the appendage is /model/__show_info.php?REQUIRE_FILE=/var/etc/httpasswd After research a few blogs and play around with the router, eventually there is no way to disable remote access to my router setting page. Hence I decide to flash the router to the infamous DD-WRT with the understanding that I'm not going to abl…

How much Loan you can get in Malaysia based on your current income?

tl;drNavigate to here and here to calculate how much loan you can get from bank.

In my recent conversation with friends and colleagues, almost everyone talk about the same topic - when to own a house and how much they can afford?

There is no solid answer as personal expenses are greatly depend on each individual life style. If you are enjoying having fine dinning experience and luxury goods, we can easily assume that you won't be able to afford that much ( depend on how much you earn). If you are strict with your own financial planning, chances are you have a proper saving plan and more comfortable in attached to a higher amount of loan. As a side note, a simple and great place for you to start your own financial planning would be The Jar System - Simple yet effective.

From the bank perspective, how much you can borrow from them is based on few key factors as mentioned in this guide How Much You Can Borrow based on your DSR .

Factors that determine your maximum loan amount How much…