Maybank ATM Cardless Cash Withdrawal Service

What is Maybank Cardless ATM?

The idea is pretty simple, it allow  you to use Maybank2u to transfer money directly to anyone in Malaysia who has a Malaysia registered phone number. This is how it works:

How do you send cash to your recipients?
  • Login to Maybank2u
  • Click ‘Transfer', then ‘Cardless Withdrawal'
  • Enter Recipient's mobile number, name and amount (minimum RM100)
  • Enter TAC and click ‘Confirm'
  • You'll receive a Withdrawal Code via SMS. Forward it to your Recipient

How should the recipients withdraw cash?
  • Proceed to any Maybank ATM, press ‘Enter' key and select your preferred language
  • Select ‘Cardless Withdrawal'
  • Enter Transaction ID
  • Enter Withdrawal Code forwarded to you
  • Retrieve your cash.
Note: The RM1 service charge will be waived until 28 February 2014.Click here for contest Terms and Conditions


As of now, I'm not going to use this service as I'm not sure how reliable is this service. inter bank giro work very well for me with only 10 cents charges while at the same time, the receiver don't have to go ATM to withdraw money. 


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