How to Reset Xiao Mi Power Bank

According to Mi official website,

Mi Power Bank 10400mAh

10400mAh should charge within 12 hours for a standard 1A charger. I have a 10400 Mi Power Bank but it take >24 hours to charge.

I contacted Xiao Mi Support and indeed this is not normal. They suggested to Reboot the power bank. To do that:

  • Press the Power Button for more than 15 secs. 
After that drain the power bank and charge again. The power bank should fully charge about 12 hours or in some case 13 hours is fine. 

The support person also suggested if the unit still behaves the same, we should bring it to the nearest service center for checking.


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    1. Bro can you tell me thet how to reset mi power bank 20000 mah????
      Plz help me someone

  2. My Power bank 10400 mAh has froze

    all LED lights are lit
    I am unable to charge the power bank
    Also, can't use it to charge other devices as well

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  4. Bro can you tell me thet how to reset mi power bank 20000 mah????
    Plz help me someone

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