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Is Using Digital Grey Card Useful?

I'm not good in photography but I'm learning. I don't have a good sense of coloring and am always struggle in getting the right white balance setup. Sometime its getting too warm and sometime it getting too cold.  I need a tool to help me and I come across a tool call digital grey card.

There were a lot of argument and debate about 18% grey card that it is use for exposure but not for white balance. But its doesn't matter for me since hey both provide similar result ( according to my research) and I'm not enthusiast nor professional that need 100% natural color. I just want it to look nicer.

I decide to get one.

I Just receive a Digital Grey Card which I purchased few days ago and I trying to use it now. I just have time to play around with it after hang out with my lovely colleague and friends.

Anyway, to prove that it is useful and I'm not wasting my money. I decide to test it before I "trust" it.

Here you go, the picture below is taking under fluo…

Photography Cheat sheet


Pork Burger

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Backup and restore linux - the easy way

Install ClockWorkRecovery and Super User to HTC ChaCha in Malaysia

Just get a new HTC Cha Cha, it is brilliant and easy to use. But it has one problem, it's full of bloatwares and Cha Cha only have 150Mb for apps. You can easily get low memory warning with only 3-4 application installed. So the only way to solve this problem ( other than get another phone) is to root it and remove these unwanted apps.

Please note that the following action will void your phone warranty and I don't hold any responsibility if you brick/ demage your phone.  Unlock bootloader via HtcDev ,you can get your software version via Setting > about phone > Software infomatino > software numberAfter bootloader unlocked, we are now going to install ClockworkRecovery and super user. Bear in mind that we are using S-ON with unlocked bootloader. So it won't works with normal flashing method. Instead we will follow this xda page to proceed, for convenience purposes I have quoted the steps:
A. CWM Recovery:

1. Download found here http://forum.x…