Install ClockWorkRecovery and Super User to HTC ChaCha in Malaysia

Just get a new HTC Cha Cha, it is brilliant and easy to use. But it has one problem, it's full of bloatwares and Cha Cha only have 150Mb for apps. You can easily get low memory warning with only 3-4 application installed. So the only way to solve this problem ( other than get another phone) is to root it and remove these unwanted apps.

Please note that the following action will void your phone warranty and I don't hold any responsibility if you brick/ demage your phone. 
  1. Unlock bootloader via
  2. HtcDev ,you can get your software version via Setting > about phone > Software infomatino > software number
  3. After bootloader unlocked, we are now going to install ClockworkRecovery and super user. Bear in mind that we are using S-ON with unlocked bootloader. So it won't works with normal flashing method.
  4. Instead we will follow this xda page to proceed, for convenience purposes I have quoted the steps:

A. CWM Recovery:

1. Download found here
2. Open and extract recovery.img
3. Copy recovery.img in the Android folder used earlier for HTCDEV unlock.
4. Open CMD and cd to that folder that folder
5. Run this in CMD: fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

Now you should have CWM Recovery installed.
If there are no errors, power off (Fast boot disabled in Power options) and then enter bootloader mode with vol down + power and select Recovery to verify the install.

B. Root:

1. Download from
2. Copy it to the SD card
3. Enter in CWM Recovery (start the phone with vol down + power, Fast boot disabled in Power options, or battery removed first) and from bootloader select Recovery and press Power button.
3. With the arrow keys from the phone keyboard select Install from SD card and Choose zip from SD card then select and press enter.
4. Press backspace until you're on the main menu of CWM Recovery and select Reboot.
You should get your phone rooted and proceed to remove those crappy apps now. If you are unsure which apps are safe to delete, don't worry, again the android playground have them listed:

Apps which can be removed
BooksPhone.apk -> Google Books
Calculator.apk -> Widget for Friendstream.apk -> Widget for HtcMusic.apk -> HTC Trends Widget -> Widget for HtcTwitter.apk -> Widget for Weather.apk
Facebook.apk -> Facebook 1.5.2
Flickr.apk -> Flickr 3.021
FriendStream.apk -> Friendstream
GenieWidget.apk -> News & Weather Widget
GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk -> Google Quick Search
HtcAddProgramWidget.apk -> Rosie Utility / Sense Utility
htccalendarwidgets.apk -> Calender Widget
HtcClockWidget.apk -> Clock Widget
htccontactwidgets.apk -> Contacts-Widget
HtcDirect.apk -> HTC Hub
HtcFacebook.apk -> Facebook for HTC Sense (after APk Removal the FB-Button doesn't work anymore --> Use fakebook.apk !!!)
HtcFacebookChat.apk -> HTC Facebook Chat
HtcFacebookChatWidget.apk -> Widget for HtcFacebookChat.apk
HtcFMRadio.apk -> FM Radio
HtcGreader.apk -> RSS Reader / Nachrichten
htcmailwidgets.apk -> Mail Widget
htcmsgwidgets.apk -> News Widget
HtcLockScreen.apk -> deleting recovers the standardlockscreen (? not sure)
HtcMusic.apk -> Musicplayer
HtcPhotoWidget.apk -> Foto-Widget
HtcProfileWidget.apk -> Profile-Widget
HtcRecommends.apk -> HTC App-Recommends in Google Market
HtcRecommendsWidget.apk -> Widget for HtcRecommends.apk
HtcSyncwidget.apk -> Sync Widget
HtcTipWidget.apk -> HTC Tipps for the Homescreen
HtcTwitter.apk -> Twitter for HTC Sense
HtcWeatherWallpaper.apk -> Weatherwallpaper
LiveWallpapers.apk -> Livewallpaper
LiveWallpapersPicker.apk -> Selection for Livewallpaper
Mail.apk -> Email Client
Maps.apk -> Google Maps
MyHTC.apk -> HTC Sense
Protips.apk -> Android Tipps for the Homescreen
Street.apk -> Google Streetview
Transfer-chacha- -> Transfer
Weather.apk -> HTC Weather App
WeatherAgentService.apk -> Weather Agent Service (for Weather.apk)
WeatherProvider.apk -> Weather Provider (for Weather.apk)
WeatherSyncProvider.apk -> HTC Weather Syncprovider (for Weather.apk)
YouTube.apk-> Youtube 2.1.6

You should always get the latest version of CWM and SU apk. However If the download links in xda doesn't work ( get deleted), you can find the one I used here:

Happy Using.


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