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How to Reset Xiao Mi Power Bank

According to Mi official website,

10400mAh should charge within 12 hours for a standard 1A charger. I have a 10400 Mi Power Bank but it take >24 hours to charge.

I contacted Xiao Mi Support and indeed this is not normal. They suggested to Reboot the power bank. To do that:

Press the Power Button for more than 15 secs.  After that drain the power bank and charge again. The power bank should fully charge about 12 hours or in some case 13 hours is fine. 
The support person also suggested if the unit still behaves the same, we should bring it to the nearest service center for checking.

What need to be done after purchase a property in Malaysia

The process of purchase a house is not end at the moment we get the house key. We need to inform various authorities regarding the change of ownership. There are 5 of them.
Cukai Taksiran/ PintuCukai Tanah ( Don't not get confuse with cukai taksiran) Electricity - Tenaga Nasional BerhadWater Supply - SyabasIndah Water Konsortium It take me a lot of time to understand and research the whole process hence I'm writing down my own experience, hopefully this will help some of you out-there. The example below is specific to Selangor hence it will be different for other state. When in doubt, always call your Municipal Council for more information. 
Tips: You will always need IC and S&P, make at least 4-5 copies of them. 
Cukai Taksiran Cukai Taksiran need to be done at municipal council, aka local Majlis Perbandaran. In my case, I did it in MPSJ (Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya), which located in USJ 5, Subang Jaya ( click here for google maps). To transfer the ownership, you will ne…

It is impossible

Have you been into a situation where you say "It is impossible to...".

There is an old saying in chinese - "Nothing is impossible"

How many of us actually believe this and how many people have doubt about this ? Especially when  facing difficulties such as:
* Having a very difficult customer / client that make it impossible to change their mind.
* In a company that doesn't promote team work but finger pointing?
* Cannot achieve something you don't have the tools. ( must be an oven for baking ? )

How is that possible to make such changes to improve this kind of situation ? Is that not possible or is it because we haven't tried to make a change?

Well, don't draw the conclusion until you watch the video below:


Now, would you confidence enough to say " it is impossible to change.../do.../for me to..." now?
I don't.
Do you you believe Nothing is impossible?