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Is Kuala Lumpur Water Hard or Soft? Is it safe to drink?

What is the hardness level of Malaysia water source? According to Wikipedia, water is classify as soft water when the hardness is below 60 mg/L, below 60 ppm or below 3.5gpg ( grain per gallon) . 

( Hard/ Soft Calssification Table, Source: Wikipedia - Hard Water )
* Parts per million (ppm) is usually defined as 1 mg/L CaCO3. It is equivalent to mg/L
One recently study on Kuala Lumpur Tap Water in 2007 has shown that most populated areas in Kuala Lumpur are soft water.
(source: A Survey Of Tap Water Quality in Kuala Lumpur - March 2007 ) 
Also commentary of the study has confirmed that piece of finding.
"As shown in figure 3, the hardness of tap water in these20 selected areas ranged from 48 mg CaCO3/L to 92 mgCaCO3/L with an average of 65 mg CaCO3/L. The tapwater in all these areas is considered soft as the hardnesslevel is below 100 mg CaCO3/L. Although there is nohealth-based guideline value, soft water and low pH maycause corrosion of pipes resulting in the presence of certainheavy …