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What need to be done after purchase a property in Malaysia

The process of purchase a house is not end at the moment we get the house key. We need to inform various authorities regarding the change of ownership. There are 5 of them.
Cukai Taksiran/ PintuCukai Tanah ( Don't not get confuse with cukai taksiran) Electricity - Tenaga Nasional BerhadWater Supply - SyabasIndah Water Konsortium It take me a lot of time to understand and research the whole process hence I'm writing down my own experience, hopefully this will help some of you out-there. The example below is specific to Selangor hence it will be different for other state. When in doubt, always call your Municipal Council for more information. 
Tips: You will always need IC and S&P, make at least 4-5 copies of them. 
Cukai Taksiran Cukai Taksiran need to be done at municipal council, aka local Majlis Perbandaran. In my case, I did it in MPSJ (Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya), which located in USJ 5, Subang Jaya ( click here for google maps). To transfer the ownership, you will ne…

It is impossible

Have you been into a situation where you say "It is impossible to...".

There is an old saying in chinese - "Nothing is impossible"

How many of us actually believe this and how many people have doubt about this ? Especially when  facing difficulties such as:
* Having a very difficult customer / client that make it impossible to change their mind.
* In a company that doesn't promote team work but finger pointing?
* Cannot achieve something you don't have the tools. ( must be an oven for baking ? )

How is that possible to make such changes to improve this kind of situation ? Is that not possible or is it because we haven't tried to make a change?

Well, don't draw the conclusion until you watch the video below:


Now, would you confidence enough to say " it is impossible to change.../do.../for me to..." now?
I don't.
Do you you believe Nothing is impossible?