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My First hackintosh - ideneb 1.5.1

Recently My PC become slower and slower, and I decided to format it. One thing come in my mind, why not I install something else? How about a Mac(fake) in my PC?

I had been thinking of installing Hackintosh in my PC for long time. One good site to check your Hardware compatibility, HOW-TO is via Hackintosh .com. After checking My hardware toward the database, I was no luck, My system (similar) wasn't being tried before, I have to be the white mouse to try with it.
HERE is my Hardware spec: AMD 955BE ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO mobo Asus ATI HD 5770 22" LG Monitor 4G RAM
After some Googling, I decided to use IDeneb 1.5.1 (10.5.7) for my first Hackintosh, it appear to be one of the most famous "distribution" available and there is plenty of tutorial you can find online.
To cut it short, I used up 2 1/2 days to bring up all installation,LAN,Sound,and Display problem(G.card) with >20 installation/tried.
Below is the things you might need to SETUP & AWARE:
Download the IDeneb 1…

Change PTPTN charges from 3% to 1%

In case you still doesn't know, You can change your PTPTN Charges from 3% to 1% starting September 2010.
Long words short say: read link below you will know what is the story.
'How dare you PTPTN guys send me a warning...'PTPTN - Application for 1% Interest Rate
Continue here to quick access register:

However I tried with no luck. Here are the message come back to me.
Maklumat anda hanya boleh dikemaskini mengikut jadual tentatif yang disediakan. Sila rujuk tentatif tawaran Ujrah. but my colleague who youger than me registered successful. follow the table below for the registration:
TAJAANWEBSITE2006, 2007 dan 200820/9/20102003, 2004 dan 200501/11/20102002 dan tahun-tahun sebelumnya01/12/2010 I wonder mine one is passed or only can register after 20/9. May be I should call them by tomorrow.

Another Linux Distribution I'm going to try in near future

According to wikipedia:
CrunchBang has been reported to boot faster than Ubuntu[6] while still including a larger number of applications by default than a standard Ubuntu installation.It operates better under low resources than Ubuntu and is faster than a normal GNOME-based Ubuntu distribution.[4] By default it comes with a minimal panel and system information pane on the right side of the screen and nothing more.[7]CrunchBang Linux has been developed completely from Ubuntu sources with the exception of a few packages.[4]Unlike Ubuntu, CrunchBang includes several non-free or patent encumbered applications and libraries such as out-of-the-box support for several multimedia formats including MP3, Adobe Flash as well as DVD playback. CrunchBang also replaces some applications that are included with default Ubuntu, such as:[4]Openbox Window Manager instead of the GNOME Desktop EnvironmentROX-Filer and Thunar (replaced by PCMan File Manager in CrunchBang 8.10.02)[8] are used as file manager…

BUYING A KINDLE 3 with Free EBOOK Legally

As per title, look for free ebook? click this link

For price $139 = Rm450, I will buy for one if available in Malaysia. Any way to ship it to Malaysia?? The Iriver book reader in lowyat (RM1.2k) is just too expensive for me, I will rather get an Ipad with another RM 800.

Reset Your Gnome Setting whos gone Crazy

This is another problem discovered after I Clear my too much clever auto Saved session in Ubuntu, This problem is simple but effective (bringing in troubles) - It lock your keyboard and partially (sometimes) mouse unusable, it happen randomly. But i found it's pattern, it mostly happen with chrome 6 stable + flash. Anyone have the same problem with me? I'm not sure I was customizing too much; I just install compiz + compiz extra tools + compiz fusion to enable some Expose alike feature in it. Lets give is a try whether this help to fix the problem

To reset it, follow the steps below:

Open your user home folder (/home/username)Delete the following folder (if any) , These folders are hidden, type ctrl+H to show or via menu bar>view>show hidden files.gnome.gnome2.gconf.gconfd.metacity (the following I just copied fromResetting Gnome's Settings in Ubuntu, I'm lazy to type my own)
If you don’t have access to your graphical (GUI) desktop to delete these folders in Naut…

Firefox 3.6.8 : Crazy Ram Consume

I'm a Firefox fan just like others, recently my firefox performance getting slower and slower, you must be saying I have tons of addons installed in it, yes I admit I installed some, but not more than 20 which I really have to use, such as noscript, adblock plus, Flashgot, flash block..etc... Which I think if you do not install them, you better remain in IE.
Today with 20 tabs opened in a single window, the firefox become ram killer :( , It consume almost 1/3 of my windows Ram = 1GB. This is totally crazy and unacceptable with only 20 tabs open. Here is the screenshot:

While Firefox adding more and more feature in every version, Its getting old, overstaffed and slow.
Google chrome is fast and attractive, however as a firefox fan, I still put firefox as my first choice unless there is killer feature from google chrome other than fast startup.
Just hope that Firefox 4 will be better.

Clear Saved Session data In Ubuntu

Ubuntu (Lucid) have a very cool feature - The Remember Currently Running Application option . the option name itself almost explain everything : save your currently working setting in Ubuntu. Whatever you did to your desktop will be remember (except some like terminal will be restarted) such as opened folder, opened website, in-progress word editing...etc...

However the experience starting to go bad when Ubuntu startup become slow, and throw error such a "Media/MyExternalHDD" not found. Sometime when compiz gone wild and its "wild" mode being save as session as well, thats it, stuck with the problem such as title bar missing (solved by Open terminal and run command 'metacity --replace').
Finally I get fed up and decided to remove it by un-check the "Automatically remember running applications when logging out session". Guess what, It stop saving the new session but remembered its damn old session.
After some googling, its quite simple to solve it…

Jira unresponsive - Stuck at the JIRA Setup wizard

Symptom : JIRA stuck at Setup page and throw the below error.

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space

Suggested JIRA Crashes due to "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError PermGen Space" Error but the problem still occur.

Actual Problem:
PermGen was not being loaded as the script is looking for the presence of a JAVA_HOME or JRE_HOME environment variable which are not created by default on CentOS.

Edit by add the line JAVA_HOME=/usr (JAVA_HOME location)

Related KB: Increasing Permanent Generation Memory does not work

Cool TwitterFeed

Its been a long time since my last update to my blogspot (except yesterday ofcourse), while toying with the setting , I wondering how to link my post to my facebook.

After some googling, there is one very simple solution:
Just login using your OpenID OR create an account if you want, in my case I just loggin using my google account.
Here how it goes , Click on Create a new feed button, insert your RSS link to the RSS feed url field, and proceed to step 2. In step 2 what you do is just click on the service you want to apply (FB and twitter for me ), authenticate and that is. Its done.
Give it at try. 

Maxis Broadband Setting for OpenSUSE

I just install OPENSUSE 11.3, however it doesn't setting up my Maxis broadband setting as UBUNTU Lucid does(thumb up for ubuntu) , at the mean time, I forget the setting and I do want to go back to my window just for the setting.

I go to maxis broadband site, doesn't help. Search through internet. the setting was vary...

after some try and error, the setting finally up and below is the setting:

number : *99#
username: maxis
password: wap

APN: maxisbb
type: Prefer 3G (you can put other if you want.)
PIN: leave blank
PUK: leave blank