My First hackintosh - ideneb 1.5.1

Recently My PC become slower and slower, and I decided to format it. One thing come in my mind, why not I install something else? How about a Mac(fake) in my PC?

I had been thinking of installing Hackintosh in my PC for long time. One good site to check your Hardware compatibility, HOW-TO is via Hackintosh
.com. After checking My hardware toward the database, I was no luck, My system (similar) wasn't being tried before, I have to be the white mouse to try with it.

HERE is my Hardware spec:
ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO mobo
Asus ATI HD 5770
22" LG Monitor

After some Googling, I decided to use IDeneb 1.5.1 (10.5.7) for my first Hackintosh, it appear to be one of the most famous "distribution"
available and there is plenty of tutorial you can find online.

To cut it short, I used up 2 1/2 days to bring up all installation,LAN,Sound,and Display problem(G.card) with >20 installation/tried.

Below is the things you might need to SETUP & AWARE:

  1. Download the IDeneb 1.5.1 ISO (google is your friend)
  2. Verify ISO downloaded
  3. Burn ISO using 2x, this is very importance, I'd been too excited and skip this step (using 16x), end up with hours of failure while no problem with 2x.
  4. In BIOS: Turn off "Legacy USB SUpport", else will hung at "Timed out on mouse input system"
  5. In BIOS: Turn ON ACPI 2.0 support, else will hung at "Using 16384 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer header", this is a very famous problem during installation/startup, google it for more information.
  6. In BIOS: some boot might need to turn off S.M.A.R.T, but not for my case.

  • Put the installation DVD and boot it. Press F8 while starting up(Darwin,chamelon v2).
  • Type " -v -f -x " and enter, type "?" if you do not know what these parameter stand for. However, In my case, these command doest help.
  • As for AMD you need to insert with additional command like below

"-v voodoo busratio=20 maxmem=2048 cpus=1 noapic"
  • You may refer this page for more information
  • After few tried, I found out for my specs, it can boot/startup well with "-v busratio=20"
  • In setup page, format disk using disk utilities via Utilities>disk utilities. You can dual boot it as well, but its more easy to start with a clean disk.
  • During Customization, select your driver/patch carefully, MY Advice is DONOT APPLY PATCH/FIX unless you really have related problem with it, or you will having endless Kernal Panic/stack Trace like me.
  • In my latest working test : Qoopz 9.7.0, LAN driver and sound Driver and it working with no problem.
  • In startup, again, default with infinity restart, and have to boot with "-v busratio=20", append "noapic" if hung during startup process.
  • Yes, that is, My MAC(fake) is up and running, however another problem come in, the screen resolution is set to 1024x768 which is damn ugly(famous topic as well).
  • Find for your Graphic card driver in internet, Google and insanelyMac forum are the places. Thanks Kably for his HD5770 driver.
  • Install IDenebApp.mpkg, use Kext Helper b7 to install your driver.
  • After that boot up with "-v busratio=20 "Graphics Mode"="1680x1050x32@60".

Thats it, My Mac is now Up and running as smooth as it could be. :D


  1. Anonymous6:16 PM

    bhello, I'm french so excuse my spelling. I followed your tutorial to the letter and when mac os x starts it gets stuck on "still waiting for root device" you have an idea of what I do?

  2. Never faced this problem before.

    It seems it can't find the USB drive to boot. Try the USB drive in different ports.

    IF it still happened. YOu might want to use our mighty google for help :)


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