Firefox 3.6.8 : Crazy Ram Consume

I'm a Firefox fan just like others, recently my firefox performance getting slower and slower, you must be saying I have tons of addons installed in it, yes I admit I installed some, but not more than 20 which I really have to use, such as noscript, adblock plus, Flashgot, flash block..etc... Which I think if you do not install them, you better remain in IE.

Today with 20 tabs opened in a single window, the firefox become ram killer :( , It consume almost 1/3 of my windows Ram = 1GB. This is totally crazy and unacceptable with only 20 tabs open. Here is the screenshot:

While Firefox adding more and more feature in every version, Its getting old, overstaffed and slow.

Google chrome is fast and attractive, however as a firefox fan, I still put firefox as my first choice unless there is killer feature from google chrome other than fast startup.

Just hope that Firefox 4 will be better.


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