Another Linux Distribution I'm going to try in near future

According to wikipedia:

CrunchBang has been reported to boot faster than Ubuntu[6] while still including a larger number of applications by default than a standard Ubuntu installation.

It operates better under low resources than Ubuntu and is faster than a normal GNOME-based Ubuntu distribution.[4] By default it comes with a minimal panel and system information pane on the right side of the screen and nothing more.[7]

CrunchBang Linux has been developed completely from Ubuntu sources with the exception of a few packages.[4]

Unlike Ubuntu, CrunchBang includes several non-free or patent encumbered applications and libraries such as out-of-the-box support for several multimedia formats including MP3, Adobe Flash as well as DVD playback. CrunchBang also replaces some applications that are included with default Ubuntu, such as:[4]

Their official website:


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