Clear Saved Session data In Ubuntu

Ubuntu (Lucid) have a very cool feature - The Remember Currently Running Application option . the option name itself almost explain everything : save your currently working setting in Ubuntu. Whatever you did to your desktop will be remember (except some like terminal will be restarted) such as opened folder, opened website, in-progress word editing...etc...

However the experience starting to go bad when Ubuntu startup become slow, and throw error such a "Media/MyExternalHDD" not found. Sometime when compiz gone wild and its "wild" mode being save as session as well, thats it, stuck with the problem such as title bar missing (solved by Open terminal and run command 'metacity --replace').

Finally I get fed up and decided to remove it by un-check the "Automatically remember running applications when logging out session". Guess what, It stop saving the new session but remembered its damn old session.

After some googling, its quite simple to solve it: Follow this guide

To cut it short, just remove everything under gnome-session



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