Change PTPTN charges from 3% to 1%

In case you still doesn't know, You can change your PTPTN Charges from 3% to 1% starting September 2010.

Long words short say: read link below you will know what is the story.

Continue here to quick access register:

However I tried with no luck. Here are the message come back to me.

Maklumat anda hanya boleh dikemaskini mengikut jadual tentatif yang disediakan. Sila rujuk tentatif tawaran Ujrah.
but my colleague who youger than me registered successful. follow the table below for the registration:

2006, 2007 dan 2008 20/9/2010
2003, 2004 dan 2005 01/11/2010
2002 dan tahun-tahun sebelumnya 01/12/2010

I wonder mine one is passed or only can register after 20/9. May be I should call them by tomorrow.


  1. hi there,

    thanks for linking me.

  2. Hi Smoochie,

    I would say, thank for your info. else I surely will miss this!


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