Flash Unifi Router DIR-615 G2 to DD-WRT to Avoid Security Vulnerability

  • Update: Uncheck the "remote access option" in your DIR-615 should fix it, bear in mind the LAN users still can access the password page.
  • This guide is meant for DIR-615 Revision G2
  • If you use Unifi IPTV, stop here, it won't work.
  • To flash dd-wrt firmware download this file and follow this guide. Setup Unifi using this guide
  • DONE

Yesterday I read a rather shocking news ( at least for me) from How I hack 4 Unifi accounts in under 5 minutes that Unifi default router (D-Link DIR-615) are vulnerable to be hacked, No, its not even a hack. Its just say welcome to access and welcome to explore my setting by using bypass url below:
1. To access the password page the appendage is /model/__show_info.php?REQUIRE_FILE=/var/etc/httpasswd
After research a few blogs and play around with the router, eventually there is no way to disable remote access to my router setting page. Hence I decide to flash the router to the infamous DD-WRT with the understanding that I'm not going to able watch TV via hypptv. So if you use the IPTV feature from Unifi PLEASE DO-NOT PROCEED. ( Refer to this page

Understand the requirement
There are 2 things to consider before we flash the firmware:
  1. Router's firmware revision - This can found in the bottom of the router.
  2. The firmware is supported - We can check this via dd-wrt router-database.

As you can see from picture above, my router is DIR-615 revision G2. This revision is not listed in the database but if we can find the routher chipset information, that might helps too.

A little bit of research via lowyat forum (comment from klseet) confirmed that G2 runs on RT3052F@384 chipset which is same with Revision Dx, so using firmware from Dx version is possible. Further reading on Another page had confirmed my finding.

Flashing DD-WRT
To proceed it is pretty straight forward, just follow the official installation guide for D-Link_DIR-615_rev_D3 and we are done. In my case, these are my step:
  1. Download dlink-dir615d-factory-webflash.bin and put it in desktop.
  2. Connect to the router through WIRED cable.
  3. Access to D-Link Web portal, please notice you MUST use the user "Management" ( default pass: TestingR2) as login as "Admin" won't give you the update firmware option.
  4. Navigate to "Update Firmware" section, select the downloaded file and upload. 
  5. The router will now flash the firmware which take 2-3 minutes ( 99secs). 
  6. After that access and setup my first time password. ( I didn't turn off router or rest router. ) 

Setup Unifi 
After successfully change to DD-WRT, we need to setup Unifi. If you don't know your unifi PPPOE password, you might want to contact Unifi to retrieve it for you.

To setup everything, there are two step to step guides by klseet.com:

I basically follow the exact step from this page so nothing extra to write about. After setup Unifi, turn off router for 1 minute, plugin WAN internet cable I can access to the Internet.

You might also want to setup wireless and other setting by refer to guide below below, some minor setting might be vary.

That's it. Pretty straight forward and simple. Now its time to rest and have a worry free sleep.

Please be aware that this page is to record what I have done to flash my router firmware. I hold no responsibility if you brick your router following my steps. Though, you can unbrick it.


  1. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Hi there.
    A genuine comment though, thank you for the guide. I have this Unifi router unused and needed an openvpn client in it. Helpful

  2. Anonymous4:20 PM

    For the IP TV to work, follow http://blog.namran.net/2012/08/05/setting-up-openwrt-to-work-with-tm-unifi/

  3. I have unused unifi router and this guide helps me on flashing the firmware. Thanks for this


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