Bulk Startup application in Windows 7

Some times, when open applications for work is pretty annoying due to there are bunch of application to startup, probably someone will ask: "why not just put all of them in to startup folder" . Yeah, this is the common resolution, but when I get back home and start my PC, I do not need these applicatiions to be start up, which slow my pc. All I need is just my chrome, iron browser and firefox ( yes, all browsers).

To overcome this problem I write a startWorkApps.bat batch file to bulk start my work application:

## bulk start my work applications

START /d "C:\Program Files\SRWare Iron" iron.exe
START /d "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox" firefox.exe
START /d "C:\eclipse-SDK-3.6.2-win32\eclipse" eclipse.exe
START /d "C:\TOOLS" putty.exe
START /d "C:\Program Files\Notepad++" notepad++.exe
START /d "C:\Program Files\Pidgin" pidgin.exe
START /d "C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox" VirtualBox.exe --comment "LinuxMint" --startvm "09ue9s0e9-f2ab-41f0-9774-bdbabc87dbcd"


Pretty easy isn't it. This script should working seamlessly in Window7. In XP , the script should be in the form of (which I tested doesn't work with Windows7):

START "C:\Program Files\SRWare Iron\iron.exe"

So whenever I go to work, just start my pc, click startWorkApps.bat, everything ready after bancuh my Milo :-)


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