Free solution to sync your folder between PC and External HDD

Recently into photography and wish to backup all my photo. Store them in internal hdd seems very dangerous since my HDD is now 5 years old, it might spoil anytime. So the best is to keep at least a copy to external hdd. Manually copy and update them everytime is driving me to hell. 

So, a sync tool is definitely the way to go. 

My requirement is simple, it only require the do the following

  • Task that will pair between 2 folders, one in PC and one in External HDD
  • Synchronization must be 2 way.
  • If possible, free

After some research, I found one and it is coming from Microsoft. It seems promising. The Microsoft SyncToy.

I also found another free software call DirSync Pro, it give you more flexibility and more option, hence more complex. I installed it but haven't try it yet.

Right now  SyncToy seems doing pretty good. Will stick with it for now.


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