Potential Scam - Sms sent from unknown number 0078090501303

Today I received a sms from +78090501303 with the text below:

hello we have important voice message for you call this number now to hear it 0078090501303
 For a moment I almost press the number to call however I recall if its a voicemail it should go through my telco with the number 121. This look like a scam for me. I did the search online apparently i'm not the only one receive message from this number. More detail can be obtain via http://callerr.com/0078090501303#yourreport.

I didn't call back so I don't know this is a scam but there is a high chance it is.


  1. Anonymous6:02 PM

    we have an important voice message for you call this number now 0078090501303 to hear it-------i think its a scam.. do not call back...


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